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Ideal patient outcomes are always our number one priority. Our area of expertise is providing superior wound care right to our patients’ bedside.

To promote maximum recovery and an enhanced quality of life for our patients, our team of skilled doctors is committed to providing technically superior, highly specialized, and efficient care for all kinds of wounds.
Are you a wound care specialist? join us!
Employing the highest professional standards, our wound care experts focus on outstanding documentation that not only minimizes liabilities and risks to our partnered facilities but also reduces hospital readmission rates maximally, benefiting our partnered facilities in many ways.

In collaboration with our partnered facilities, our goal is to provide gold-standard professional services while optimizing the profitability of our partnered facilities.

We believe that MobileWoundDocs is your facility’s partner in providing your patients with the best quality medical services they deserve, while benefiting your healthcare team and assisting your administrative team in its quest to maintain its top standards of compliance and profitability.

About Us

We, the MobileWoundDocs are aware of the difficulties in managing wounds and how they may affect day-to-day activities. Our group of expert wound care providers provides complete wound care services, which include managing and treating almost all types of acute and chronic wounds.

Our qualified experts are available to support patients’ healing and well-being whether they are recuperating from surgery, recovering from a chronic condition, or dealing with a wound-related problem.

The provision of wound care services in a mobile or portable setting—such as the patient’s home, skilled nursing facility, nursing home, rehabilitation center, subacute facilities, assisted living facilities or another community location—is referred to as mobile wound care. With mobile wound care, patients can receive wound treatment without having to travel to a medical center because qualified medical professionals and the required equipment are brought to their bedside.

What Is Usually Included in
Mobile Wound Care Services

Skilled healthcare professionals evaluate the type, extent, and underlying causes of wounds, including surgical wounds, pressure ulcers, diabetic foot ulcers, and traumatic wounds!


Depending on the patient’s unique requirements and the wound’s features, clinicians administer the best wound care interventions. Infection control, bandaging, and topical drug application are a few examples of what this may include. Even bedside debridement and minor surgical procedures may become necessary as part of the course of wound care.


In addition to providing prompt care, our mobile wound care providers provide continuing management to encourage healing and avert complications. To do this, it might be necessary to monitor the healing process, modify treatment plans as necessary, and educate patients, caregivers and nurses on preventative and self-care techniques.


MobileWoundDocs’ wound care services may also incorporate specialist interventions like advanced wound dressings, negative pressure wound therapy, or bioengineered tissue products, depending on the intricacy of the lesion. Additionally, bedside surgical procedures such as debridement, and skin grafting may become required. Occasionally, patients may need to have more involved procedures such as flaps and amputations that require surgical facilities. Should that become necessary, MobileWoundDocs can most likely handle those needs as well.

Compared To Standard Clinic-Based Wound Treatment

Mobile Wound Care Has a Number Of Advantages.
These Advantages Include


Patients don’t need to travel to medical institutions because they can obtain care wherever they are at.


Patients with limited mobility, difficult access to transportation, or who reside in underserved or distant locations may find mobile wound care treatments especially helpful.

Personalized Care:

By meeting each patient’s unique requirements and preferences, clinicians can customize wound care protocols, improving patient results and satisfaction.

Continuity of Care:

Patient care settings, patients’ lifestyle choices, and social support systems are just a few examples of the elements that mobile wound care providers may better examine and address when administering care to patients on a mobile basis.


Contact Us

Please email us with any questions or to arrange an appointment. No matter where you are, our compassionate and committed staff is here to offer the professional care you require.
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